Army horses gallop through central London, several injured


LONDON — A “number” of military horses escaped their keepers and were seen galloping through central London on Wednesday morning during rush hour, with one of them appearing to be covered in blood.

The horses were from the Household Cavalry and threw their riders during a morning exercise. Several army regiments keep their horses in stables in central London.

“A number of military working horses became loose during routine exercise this morning. All of the horses have now been recovered and returned to camp,” a military spokeswoman told The Washington Post. “A number of personnel and horses have been injured and are receiving the appropriate medical attention.”

Pictures and footage of the horses were shared widely on social media. At least two horses were seen bolting through the streets and sidewalks. One smashed into a double decker tourist bus.

City of London police force, which covers London’s financial district, said that they had contained two horses and were waiting for the British Army to collect the animals.

“At around 8.40am, we were called about horses that had become loose and were traveling through the City. Our officers have contained two horses on the Highway near Limehouse. We’re waiting for an Army horse box to collect the horses and transport them to veterinary care,” the statement said.

One of the horses appeared to have blood on its chest and forelegs.

“I saw a soldier falling down into the street after the horse ran into a car. One of my colleagues called the police,” Bashir Aden, 48, a construction worker, told the Telegraph. “The man hit the floor hard, he was screaming in pain. You could see blood all over the parked car.”

A double decker bus tourism company said that a horse ran into one of its buses, which was parked at the time. They said none of their staff were injured.


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