Senators Seek to Curb Facial Recognition at Airports, Citing Privacy Concerns

[ad_1] A bipartisan group of senators is pushing to halt the expansion of facial recognition technology at airports in the United States and restrict its use as part of the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill that is making its way through Congress. Citing privacy concerns, Senators Jeff Merkley, Democrat of Oregon, and John Kennedy, Republican … Read more

If you get a notice, make sure to file your I-T return or face scrutiny

[ad_1] MUMBAI: If a taxpayer does not file an Income-tax (I-T) return in response to a notice under section 142(1), the case will be picked up for scrutiny. This notice, seeking information, is issued when a taxpayer has not filed the tax return or is issued to seek additional preliminary information regarding a particular detail … Read more

Social Security and Medicare finances look grim as overall debt piles up

[ad_1] New estimates are expected Monday to paint a dire picture of the budget outlook for Social Security and Medicare, the massive federal programs for seniors, threatening future benefits and putting fresh pressure on Congress to address the nation’s deteriorating financial health. Especially since the pandemic, the federal debt has skyrocketed, even as an aging … Read more

Ex-CEO Howard Schultz weighs in on Starbucks earnings miss

[ad_1] Howard Schultz, former chief executive officer of Starbucks Corp., drinks from a Starbucks mug during a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing in Washington, DC, US, on Wednesday, March 29, 2023. Al Drago | Bloomberg | Getty Images Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz weighed in Sunday on the coffee chain’s dismal latest … Read more

The battle over solar power pricing

[ad_1] ISLAMABAD: Net metering, also referred to as net energy metering (NEM), is an electricity billing method enabling consumers generating their own power to utilise it at any time, rather than solely when it’s generated. It involves customers with solar panels transferring excess electricity they produce to the grid, receiving credits from the utility company … Read more