‘Cricket was once a popular sport in US’


As the US hosts the ICC T20I World Cup for the first time this year, US Consul General in Karachi Conrad Tribble hopes cricket will become more popular in the US.

CWC 2024: ‘Cricket was once a popular sport in US

As the US hosts the ICC T20I World Cup for the first time this year, US Consul General in Karachi Conrad Tribble hopes cricket will become more popular in the US.

“This is our first international cricket event. It’s a great chance to promote cricket in the US and the US and sports to a wide audience abroad, notably in Pakistan. We’re excited, and I think it’ll boost US cricket.”

Tribble said: “Sports can always play a role in bringing people together. It is a simple and effective method for connecting individuals. Whether you’re Indian, Pakistani, West Indian, or American, watching a cricket match for your country excites you.”

Pak-India game

The US official said everyone will watch the Pakistan-India match on June 9 in New York, but he also wants to watch the game before the high-voltage contest.

Pakistan and India play in New York on the 9th, three days before the US and Pakistan. I’m starting with that match as the most significant for a US diplomat in Pakistan. The event will be excellent, and I’m sure we’ll all enjoy watching it, he remarked.

“India-Pakistan is a highlight match for any cricket fan. I think the world will notice that. New York will benefit greatly from it. “The world will watch that match, and for good reason—sports are about drama, excitement, and resolution, so it’ll be good,” said the consul general.

Cricket was formerly popular in US

Tribble said cricket was once popular in the US before baseball took over, but he hoped the huge event will expand the game.

Cricket has a long history in the US. Cricket was the most popular sport in the country for the first 100 years, although few knew this. George Washington played cricket, which involved wickets. Baseball overtook cricket as the most popular sport following the Civil War. We have a lengthy cricket history, he said.

Tribble said he can see cricket following the same path as soccer, which was also not a significant sport in the US, and becoming one of those sports with massive appeal across a wide spectrum of society.

He believed they would return with a cricket powerhouse team, if not in this tournament, shortly.

Pakistan is a tough squad to beat:

When asked about his cricket interest, Tribble said he had grown to love it in Pakistan. “I’ve become a keen follower of cricket, especially here in Pakistan,” he said.

He also predicted a strong T20I World Cup performance for Pakistan.

“I think Pakistan will impact the World Cup. As a diplomat, I won’t discuss Pakistani players. Obviously, the captain matters. I saw some of them play in the PSL and think Pakistan will be tough to beat. It will be our first tough tournament contest. I expect Pakistan to progress, the consul general stated.

Tribble said the consulate is helping World Cup fans get visas to the US. “We’re doing everything to help people prepare to travel to the United States,” he said.

“We will do the best we can to facilitate as many people as possible to travel to the US to watch the cricket tournament and for any other reason they want to travel,” he said.

CWC 2024: 'Cricket was once a popular sport in US'


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