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While the CyberSEO Pro plugin acts as a Swiss army knife, combining content syndication features and AI-powered article generation, it has a relatively complex, multi-functional interface and requires knowledge of shortcodes. This complexity can make it a challenging tool for those who are not professional webmasters.

Introducing AI Autoblogger – a specialized plugin designed for users who need an easy-to-use, reliable, yet powerful tool to automatically create WordPress posts using AI. This plugin features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that focuses solely on creating large book-sized articles using the top AI language models. It also supports the generation of high-quality images for these articles and facilitates their automatic posting to WordPress, thus streamlining the content creation process.

Like CyberSEO Pro, the AI Autoblogger plugin is designed to work in a fully autonomous mode according to a scheduler, but it also allows for manual content generation, which is typically necessary for initial testing of settings for each new article creation campaign. But that’s where the similarities with CyberSEO Pro end.

AI Autoblogger has its own interface and unique concept, specifically designed to implement specific AI autoblogging strategies for WordPress. Using the plugin requires no fumbling with shortcodes or learning extensive documentation, as it was originally designed to do one thing – automatically create SEO-optimized, long-form articles and publish them to WordPress. This focus on simplicity and efficiency makes AI Autoblogger a powerful tool for content creators looking for a simple and effective solution.

Despite its seemingly simple interface, the AI Autoblogger plugin provides all the necessary functionality for AI autoblogging, as it is fully integrated with AI services and language models such as OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo, Google Gemini Pro 1.5, Anthropic Claude 3 (Sonnet and Opus), Mistral Large, Stable Diffusion XL, DALL∙E 3, and Midjourney.

A key feature of AI Autoblogger is the complete control it offers users over their GPT prompts for AI models. The plugin’s interface lacks drop-down menus, radio buttons, and toggles for selecting the style of writing, text structure, and HTML elements (such as lists, tables, quotes, div blocks for styling code segments) of the articles. All these nuances are directly specified in the prompt, using plain human language as if you are instructing a live copywriter. Thus, the plugin does not restrict you with any sets of buttons or switches, offering complete freedom to work directly with prompts.

In AI Autoblogger’s settings, you have the option to specify a general prompt for the entire article you are generating that supports Spintax, as well as individual specific prompts that will be used to generate each section of text you define. This flexibility allows for detailed customization of content, ensuring that each section of the article meets specific thematic or stylistic requirements. By using different prompts for different sections, you can tailor content to different needs and increase the relevance and engagement of each part of the article.

AI Autoblogger - Post Content

The same approach applies to the process of generating images for your articles. The AI Autoblogger plugin can automatically generate the specified number of images and insert them evenly into the text of each article it creates. You can use your own text prompts to generate images, or you can leave the image generation process entirely to the plugin. In this case, AI Autoblogger will analyze each article section before which an image is to be inserted, use an AI language model to create a prompt for an image generation engine (e.g. Midjourney), generate an appropriate image, and insert it into the article being created. This integration ensures that each image is contextually appropriate and enhances the overall coherence and visual appeal of the article.

AI Autoblogger - Media

Unlike the CyberSEO Pro and RSS Retriever plugins, which are designed for instant import of large numbers of posts from external feeds, AI Autoblogger offers a more flexible license. This license allows you to transfer the plugin to another site in case the plugin was uninstalled, domain was lost etc. In addition, the AI Autoblogger license includes a subscription to all future versions. This means that users can continuously benefit from the latest updates and improvements without the need for additional purchases, ensuring that they always have access to the most advanced features for content creation.


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