Stormy Daniels recalls talks with Donald Trump that Melania won’t like


Trump told Stormy Daniels that he and “Melania don’t sleep in the same room”

Stormy Daniels reveals she and Donald Trump also talked about sexual health and STDs. — Reuters/AFP

As Donald Trump undergoes his first criminal trial involving hush money, adult film star Stormy Daniels Tuesday testified before the court recalling a conversation she had with the former president including questions about Melania Trump, pro wrestling, and more.

Donald Trump was indicted last year in March for allegedly paying hush money to Stormy Daniels in 2016 to silence the actor regarding the billionaire’s extramarital ties.

While testifying, the 77-year-old Trump watched the 45-year-old Daniels recalling what they talked about.

She recalled that Trump had a very brief mention of his wife, Melania Trump. 

Trump told Daniels that Melania was very beautiful and that they don’t “sleep in the same room.”

Trump closed his eyes, shook his head and murmured to his attorneys at the defence table during the testimony.

Further recalling the meeting with Trump, she said she “really wanted” to ask him about pro wrestling as he was friends with the owner of the company.

Daniels also revealed that they also talked about sexual health and that she had not tested positive for STDs.

During their meeting, the four-time indicted Trump also asked Daniels about her children, marriage and a relationship to which she responded in a negative.

At that night where they also met for dinner, the actor said that Trump had told her that it was a bit early to arrive as it was not yet dark.

She recalled Trump asking: “Do you mind talking just a bit to get to know each other?” To which she told him where she grew up, her family, and siblings.

The trial is currently under way and Trump is seated in the court house with his attorneys. 


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