Suzuki announces major decrease in car prices


In a major development, Pak Suzuki Motor Company on Thursday announced a price decrease of up to Rs710,000 on car models with effect from May 1, 2024.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company has announced Rs710,000 reduction in car prices on its Swift models.

The company said in a notice that the new price is effective from May 1, 2024 and is in response to current market conditions.

As per the statement, the revised pricing will see the Swift GL MT model now available for Rs 4,336,000, a decrease of Rs 85,000.

Swift GL CVT will now be available at Rs4,560,000 after a decline of Rs159,000 from its previous price Rs4,719,000.

The largest fall in prices was witnessed in Swift GLX CVT, which reduced from Rs5,429,000 to Rs4,719,000, a decrease of Rs710,000.

The revised retail prices are inclusive of FED and Sales Tax and exclusive of Advance Income Tax, read the notice.

On Monday, Lucky Motor Corporation announced a massive decrease in the price of KIA’s Stonic EX+ in Pakistan.


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