Ukraine marks its third Easter at war | Religion News

[ad_1] Ukraine has been hit by yet another barrage as it marked its third Easter at war with Russia’s invading forces. As Ukraine celebrated Orthodox Easter on Sunday, Russia launched a barrage of drones concentrated on the east. The attack wounded more than a dozen people, while Moscow claimed its troops took control of a … Read more

President vs Prime Minister: What’s at stake in Chad presidential election? | Elections News

[ad_1] Chadians head to the polls on Monday to elect a new president in what could be the nation’s most-watched election in three decades. The polls will mark the end of a transition to democracy by the ruling military government, one of several currently in power in West and Central Africa. But some experts say … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 802 | Russia-Ukraine war News

[ad_1] As the war enters its 802nd day, these are the main developments. Here is the situation on Monday, May 6, 2024. Fighting At least one person was killed and 24 injured in Russian drone and bomb attacks on Ukraine’s northeastern city of Kharkiv and the surrounding region. Power cuts were also reported. Ukraine’s Air … Read more

Why are nations racing to buy weapons? | Business and Economy

[ad_1] Global military spending is at an all-time high, increasing in all five geographical regions for the first time since 2009. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, escalating geopolitical tensions in the Middle East and China’s military build-up in the South China Sea are increasing instability in the world. This is leading nations across the globe to … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 790 | Russia-Ukraine war News

[ad_1] As the war enters its 790th day, these are the main developments. Here is the situation on Wednesday, April 24, 2024. Fighting Oleksandr Pivnenko, the commander of Ukraine’s National Guard, said Russia was preparing “unpleasant surprises” and could try to advance on the northeastern city of Kharkiv, the second-biggest in the country, in the … Read more

Post-1948 order ‘at risk of decimation’ amid war in Gaza, Ukraine: Amnesty | Human Rights News

[ad_1] The world is facing the collapse of the 1948 international order established in the wake of World War II, amid the brutal wars in Gaza and Ukraine, while authoritarian policies continue to spread, Amnesty International has warned. The report accused the world’s most powerful governments, including China, Russia and the United States, of leading … Read more

US Senate passes Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan bill; Biden to sign on Wednesday | Russia-Ukraine war News

[ad_1] The United States Senate has passed a long-delayed multibillion-dollar aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, paving the way for new weapons deliveries to Kyiv as soon as this week. The Democratic-controlled Senate passed the measure, held up for months by right-wing Republicans and part of a four-bill package, by 79 votes to 18 … Read more