Israel orders Rafah evacuation after night of intense bombardment | Israel War on Gaza

[ad_1] NewsFeed Palestinian families have begun leaving eastern Rafah after the Israeli military ordered its evacuation, saying it will use ‘extreme force’ there. World leaders have repeatedly warned against a military offensive where more than 1.5 million displaced people are sheltering. Published On 6 May 20246 May 2024 [ad_2] Source link

Jewish professor banned from US campus after arrest | Israel War on Gaza

[ad_1] NewsFeed A Jewish professor who was filmed being violently arrested during an anti-Gaza war protest at Dartmouth College in the US says she had been banned from the university’s campus. Dartmouth said the ban was down to court officials and will request that ‘any errors be corrected’. Published On 3 May 20243 May 2024 … Read more

Palestinian journalists in Gaza awarded World Press Freedom prize | Israel War on Gaza

[ad_1] NewsFeed All Palestinian journalists covering Israel’s war on Gaza have been awarded UNESCO’s World Press Freedom prize. The agency said it was a tribute to the courage of journalists facing ‘difficult and dangerous’ conditions. More than 100 have been killed during the war. Published On 3 May 20243 May 2024 [ad_2] Source link

Israeli protesters call for PM’s resignation over captives | Politics

[ad_1] NewsFeed Families of Israelis held in Gaza staged a protest to mark 200 days since their relatives were taken and to call for the prime minister’s resignation over the failure to get a deal to free them. Published On 24 Apr 202424 Apr 2024 [ad_2] Source link