Watching the watchdogs: How US media messed up campus protests coverage | Opinions

[ad_1] A great, novel experiment in political physics is under way in the United States, as the unstoppable moral force of youth-led protests against Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza runs into the immovable object of the American power elite’s support for it. In this clash, two critical forces have been weaponised: the US mainstream media that … Read more

Who is left behind from Vietnamese migration to the UK? | Migration

[ad_1] Over the past 10 years, a growing number of Vietnamese people have been migrating to Europe with hopes of a better life. This has taken place largely under the radar, but in 2019 the horrific Essex 39 tragedy in the United Kingdom, where 39 Vietnamese bodies were found in the back of a lorry, … Read more

US Gaza protests: Calling the cops on free speech | Israel War on Gaza

[ad_1] On April 17, students at Columbia University in New York City set up a Gaza solidarity encampment on campus to call for divestment from Israel and a complete ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, where the US-backed Israeli military has now slaughtered some 35,000 Palestinians in less than seven months. Columbia called the cops – … Read more

‘Fire and forget’ in Gaza | Israel War on Gaza

[ad_1] Earlier this month, the Israeli occupying forces withdrew from my hometown of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, presumably to prepare for an attack on nearby Rafah. Now, those civilians who won the lottery of life and death are on a trail of broken dreams back to Khan Younis. It is a pilgrimage … Read more