Tunis police raid sees refugees abandoned near the border with Algeria | Refugees News

[ad_1] Tunis, Tunisia – Teams of refuse workers are busy in the deserted alleyway outside the International Organization for Migration (IOM) offices in Tunis. A nearby park stands empty. In both, large piles of refuse are the only evidence of the hundreds of sub-Saharan African refugees and migrants who sheltered here until recently. In the … Read more

Children, infants missing after Tunis police clear makeshift refugee camps | Refugees News

[ad_1] Police cleared two of the Tunisian capital’s irregular Black migrant camps, busing residents to an unknown location. Tunis, Tunisia – Hundreds of refugees and migrants camped in the centre of Tunis have disappeared, with reports suggesting that the group, including several infants, had been abandoned in the desert near Algeria. According to local media … Read more

UK has begun mass arrests of potential Rwanda deportees: What’s next? | Refugees News

[ad_1] The British authorities have begun a series of operations to detain migrants in preparation for their deportation to Rwanda as part of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s flagship immigration policy. The UK Home Office, which oversees immigration matters in the United Kingdom, released a video on Wednesday showing armed immigration officers handcuffing individuals at their … Read more

UK passes bill to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda: What’s next? | Refugees News

[ad_1] The British government’s plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda have finally been approved by parliament, ending a months-long deadlock between the lower and upper chambers over the legality of the policy. Under the new law, any asylum seekers who arrive illegally in Britain will be sent to Rwanda. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has pledged … Read more