Why humanizing AI content doesn’t work – CyberSEO Pro

[ad_1] Various online services offer what they call “humanization” of content generated by language AI models, promising that if you select the option to “write like a 7-year-old child,” your text will not be recognized by GPT detectors. Yes, you can specify such a preference in your prompt, but this will not only significantly degrade … Read more

Introducing AI Autoblogger – CyberSEO Pro

[ad_1]  While the CyberSEO Pro plugin acts as a Swiss army knife, combining content syndication features and AI-powered article generation, it has a relatively complex, multi-functional interface and requires knowledge of shortcodes. This complexity can make it a challenging tool for those who are not professional webmasters. Introducing AI Autoblogger – a specialized plugin … Read more

Controlling the content of text sections in the [gpt_article] shortcode – CyberSEO Pro

[ad_1] The [gpt_article] shortcode used in the CyberSEO Pro and RSS Retriever plugins has introduced a new parameter that allows users to provide additional directives for the prompts used to generate each individual article section, similar to the functionality offered by the AI Autoblogger plugin. Unlike AI Autoblogger, where the prompts are entered as a … Read more