UN, aid urgencies urge Israel to halt Rafah assault after crossing seized | Israel War on Gaza News

[ad_1] The United Nations and aid agencies have slammed the Israeli army for cutting off an essential aid route by seizing the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and southern Gaza, warning that already scarce supplies will be further depleted in the enclave that is on the brink of famine. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres demanded that … Read more

Police break up pro-Palestine protests at Berlin, Amsterdam campuses | Protests News

[ad_1] Police have broken up a protest by several hundred pro-Palestinian activists who occupied a courtyard at Berlin’s Free University, the latest such action by authorities as protests that have roiled campuses in the United States spread across Europe. The move on Tuesday came after activists had put up about 20 tents and formed a … Read more

Watching the watchdogs: How US media messed up campus protests coverage | Opinions

[ad_1] A great, novel experiment in political physics is under way in the United States, as the unstoppable moral force of youth-led protests against Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza runs into the immovable object of the American power elite’s support for it. In this clash, two critical forces have been weaponised: the US mainstream media that … Read more

Palestinian employee of German development agency ‘abused’ in Israeli jail | Israel War on Gaza News

[ad_1] Berlin, Germany – A Palestinian employee of Germany’s state-funded development agency has been imprisoned in Israel for more than a month, where she has been beaten and subject to abusive and humiliating treatment, her family members and lawyer say. Baraa Odeh, 34, works for the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), and was detained … Read more

Doctor from Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital dies in Israeli prison | Israel War on Gaza News

[ad_1] Groups advocating for Palestinian prisoners say Adnan al-Barash, head of orthopaedics, died as a ‘result of torture’. A prominent Palestinian doctor from Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital has died in an Israeli jail after more than four months of detention, according to the enclave’s health ministry and groups advocating for Palestinian prisoners. Adnan al-Barash, the head … Read more

How students around the world are taking a stand for Gaza | Show Types

[ad_1] Students around the world are raising their voices to protest against Israel’s continuing war on Gaza. More than 50 universities across the United States have now established Palestine solidarity encampments, demanding action to stop Israel’s war on Gaza. What started as a student encampment at Columbia University in New York City two weeks ago … Read more

Journalists ‘have zero protection’: Hind Khoudary on reporting from Gaza | Israel War on Gaza

[ad_1] Marc Lamont Hill talks to Al Jazeera journalist Hind Khoudary on World Press Freedom Day about reporting from Gaza. As the world marks Press Freedom Day, we turn to Gaza and the mounting toll of journalist deaths since October 7th. More than 100 media workers have been killed in the last seven months, as … Read more

Houthis say they will target Israel-bound ships anywhere within their range | Israel War on Gaza News

[ad_1] The Yemeni group says it is expanding its attacks in response to the looming Israeli assault on Rafah in southern Gaza. Yemen’s Houthis will target ships heading to Israeli ports in any area within their range, the group’s military spokesperson Yahya Saree has said in a televised speech. “We will target any ships heading … Read more

ICC demands end to threats against court amid Gaza war probe | Israel War on Gaza News

[ad_1] Statement released after Israeli and US officials rebuke the court for possible arrest warrants over Gaza war. The prosecutor’s office at the International Criminal Court (ICC) has appealed for an end to what it calls intimidation of its staff, saying such threats could constitute an offence against the “administration of justice” by the world’s … Read more